Dienst, Zerfass & Kollegen – our profile

Aims of our work

Attentive listening, quality and a wealth of ideas have always defined our work philosophy.

Up-to-date and meaningful documentation is important for every company as well as for all family or private assets. Together with our clients, we develop comprehensive strategies with a view to optimising your assets, returns and tax burden.

By using our consultancy services, we want our clients to have more time for essential tasks.

Our guiding principles are always at the forefront:



We maintain a respectful relationship with each other. A stable, long-standing relationship with our clients is very important to us, which is why we value open and frank dialogue. It is the only way for us to find out where the needs lie and how we can meet them.



We work as a team and are always open to the opinions and ideas of others. Our highly trained specialists have the courage to think laterally and work to filter out the optimal solution from the many possibilities.



We keep our word and our promises. We are reliable and our clients trust us. Our high quality standards and our clients’ interests are our top priority.



We have dedicated ourselves to responsible, personal and sustainable case management. We put ourselves to the test on a daily basis to ensure that by calling in specialists from our locations or from the HLB network, we can guarantee up-to-date holistic solutions and a high level of professional expertise.